packman_success_storyI joined Paradiso Crossfit because I knew my lack of strength was limiting what I could achieve in CrossFit. Over the next few weeks I become addicted to the community and the programming at Venice Barbell Club. I started to learn and grow stronger in both my lifts and my knowledge about how you lift. In relatively short time I added 60 lbs to my snatch, 40 lbs to my clean and jerk, and nearly a hundred pounds to my squat. All of these #gainz pale in comparison when we factor in the people who make up this club. They are some of the most genuine, caring and delightful people you will meet in LA (a place notoriously difficult to find “real” people). They want you to succeed, they want you to grow, and they do so in a way that is positive beyond messure. So whether you are looking to improve your CrossFit strength, compete in the American Open (which is my goal now), or just make some friends…VBC is the perfect place to do it.