krisy_success_storyI started going to Venice Barbell Club hoping to increase my strength and improve my Olympic weightlifting skills. I had been doing CrossFit and had some exposure to the Olympic lifts whenever they were programmed for class, but I found them to be complicated and wasn’t practicing often enough to see much improvement. I had never touched a barbell before CrossFit, so I was intimidated to try out VBC where everyone seemed to be so strong and skilled.

Luckily, Josh and the entire coaching staff at Venice Barbell Club are very welcoming to members of any ability. They are happy to meet you wherever you are in your training and give clear, specific instructions on how to improve, while cheering you on as you do so. All of the members have a great attitude that combined with the excellent coaching creates a judgment free space where successes are celebrated and struggles are shared.

After only a few months since joining Venice Barbell Club I have seen significant improvements in my Olympic lifting ability and in overall strength. I am always learning something new and meeting wonderful people in the process. I would recommend that anyone looking to improve their Olympic weightlifting skills or increase their overall strength should check out Venice Barbell Club. Your technique will improve and you will have the PRs to prove it!